12V 15A power supply

12V 15A power supply 12V 15A power supply

MODEL: S-180-12

AC input:100-120Vac 60Hz/ 200-240Vac 50Hz

Output: 12Vdc 15A

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection

Dimension:198*98*40 mm

12V 15A power supply

100% burn-in test


L, N: AC power input – live wire, neutral wire

GND: Ground wire

COM: DC power output “-”

+V: DC power output “+”

V / ADJ: Adjust the output voltage from 10.5Vdc to 13.5Vdc

• This 12V 15A power supply Cooling by free air convection. So it is very quiet for indoor use. It worked with led strip lights and other device need constant voltage at the 12V such as CCTV cameras, Industrial automation, LED display etc.

Question: Can these 12V 15A power supply be connected in parallel in order to gain more amperage. For example, 2x 15A to get 30A capability to power an 12v 30a load?

NO, if you connect 2 power supplies in parallel, you have to isolate them from each other with diodes. This is to prevent one stealing current from the other. The diodes do drop some voltage so you have to adjust the PS voltage accordingly. The best way is to choose a 30A power supply.

If you need more output power supply, Here is12V 30A power supply.

12V 30A power supply

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