12V 4A power adapter

12V 4A power adapter Product Name: 12V 4A power adapter
Product ID: LJ1200400P
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: Input Connection :IEC320-C8 or C6

Light weight high efficiency

Output Wattage: 48W


12V 4A power adapter

Brand new high quality 12V 2A power adapter.


input voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ

range voltage: AC 90-264V 47/63HZ

output power: 48W

output voltage: 12VDC

over voltage protection; over current protection; short circuit protection

load regulation: ±5%

operating temperature: 0℃~40℃

storage temperature: -20℃~85℃

opera ting relative humidity:5~95%RH

Isolation (Hi-Pot)–1500VAC, 1 minute, L1&L2/FG, 10mA –3000VAC, 1 minute,

Insulation resistance: DC 500V 100MΩ

Overall dimension: 133*57*31mm

12V 4A power adapter for any device that requires stable DC power. Examples: Audio and Video Devices, Digital Media, Hard Drives, Computer Peripherals, Amplifiers, Satellite Radio receivers, and many more

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