12V 8.3A power supply

12V 8.3A power supply 12V 8.3A power supply

MODEL: S-100-12

AC input:100-240Vac 50Hz/60Hz

Output: 12Vdc 8.3A

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection

Dimension:198*98*40 mm

12V 8.3A power supply

External Material : Aluminum

100% burn-in test


L, N: AC power input – live wire, neutral wire

GND: Ground wire

COM: DC power output “-”

+V: DC power output “+”

V / ADJ: Adjust the output voltage from 10.5Vdc to 13.5Vdc

• This 12V 8.3A single output, aluminum housing, AC to DC power supply worked with led strip lights and other device need constant voltage at the 12V such as CCTV camera, LED flexible strip, LED decorative lighting, street light, building lighting, stage lighting, LED display home appliances and so on.

Notice: High Voltage inside ,do not remove the cover ,Qualified service personnel only.110V/220V is selected by switch before power on, please check the input voltage avolding damage.

Question: What is the output voltage under load?

The standard output voltage is 12V, however, there is an adjustment pot located next to the outputs. So you can adjust the output voltage if there is big voltage drop on the DC cord. The more current load, the more voltage drop.

If you need a 12V 20A power supply Here is it:

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