12V 8A power adapter

12V 8A power adapter 12V 8A power adapter

MODEL: LJ1200800P

AC input 100-240VAC

Output: 12VDC 8A

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection


12V 8A power adapter

• Input voltage: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz

• Output voltage: 12VDC

• Max output current: 8A

• Max output power: 96W

• No Load Power Consumption less than 0.5W

• 12V 8A 84W AC/DC power adapter offer a max output current up to 8 amps, it will replace lower amp 12v constant voltage adapters like 12v 7a, 12v 6a, 12v 5a etc without causing any issue.


Question: What’s the difference between this 12V 8A power adapter and aluminum case power supply ?

In fact, there is no difference on electric performance. There are both switching power supply. Plastic case adapter are more compact,  the cost is higher than the  aluminum case power supply.

Here is aluminum case 12V 8.3A power supply.

12V 8.3A power supply

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