13.8v 3a power supply

13.8V 3a power supply

Product Name: 13.8v 3a power supply
Product ID: 5302
MOQ: 50pcs
Product Introduce: Input voltage: AC100V-240V
Output voltage:13.8V & 12V
Max. output current: 2.0A
Max. charge current: 1.0A

13.8v 3a power supply

• Dual voltage output.

• 13.8VDC output for charging battery 12VDC output for cameras

• With short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage protection

• With battery interface, Can be equipped with 12V4AH 7AH battery

• Charging Method: Constant current charging, Constant voltage charging, Float charging

• Full charge automatically stop, prevent battery overcharge.

• Self-resetting fuse switch to battery power supply automatically.

• Battery short circuit protection

• Auto switch to battery upon AC fail (UPS)

• Discharge protection: when the battery voltage drops to 10.5V, disconnect the battery automatically

• Enclosed regulated switching supply + Charger for Lead Acid or Lithium battery.

• Application: charge for standby use lead-acid battery especially for access control system, building intercom systems,alarm monitoring systems etc.

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