15V 6A power adapter

15V 6A power adapter 15V 6A power adapter

MODEL: FTO-1506000P

AC input 100-240VAC

Output: 15VDC 6A 90W

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection

Low ripple and noise & High efficiency

15V 6A power supply
15V 6A power supply drawing
15V 6A 6000mA AC/DC Adapter, Switching Power Supply FEATURES

·Input Voltage Range: 90Vac -264Vac

·No load power consumption<0.5W

·Input Current Harmonic: EN60950-1

·Output voltage Ripple and Noise: <150mVp-p

·Output 15Vdc 6A 90W

·Protections:Automatic Overload cut-off; Automatic Thermal cut-off; Short circuit and Over Voltage protection;

·Fully enclosed plastic case


·Efficiency: >= 86%

·Turn-On Delay Time:300mS

·Load Regulation: 5% max.

·Hold-up Time: 5mS min.

·Dielectric Strength:(Hi-Pot):Between AC input and secondary applied AC 3.0kV,test time 1 minute, and cut off current shall be less than 10 mA.AC 3.0kV,test time 10 Sec.for mass production.

·Insulation Resistance: Between AC input and secondary applied 500Vdc,test time 1 minute. 500Vdc,test time 10 Sec.for mass production. ≥100MΩ

15V 6A power adapter ENVIRONMENTAL

·Operating Temperature: 0 to 50oC

·Storage Temperature: -40 to 85oC

·Relative Humidity: 5 to 95%

15V 6A power adapter Description

This AC-to-DC adapter gives you an easy way to power your DC electronics project from an IEC320 C8/C14 AC electrical inlet. It uses a switching regulator to efficiently output up to 6A at a near-constant regulated 15 VDC, even when no load is applied. The DC power cable is 4 ft (1.0 m) long and terminated with a center-positive, 5.5 × 2.1 mm barrel connector that works with:rount,POE switches,mini TV,TV box,chargers, MP3 / MP4,mobile DVD,telephones,cameras,

Here is 15V 5A power adapter.

15V 5A power adapter

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