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How to choose a suitable size of Cable & Wire

Cable is like a pipe. Charges is like the water. Current is like the water flowing rate through the pipe, Reading Detail Introduce»

36vdc power supply

36vdc power supply 36vdc power supply

MODEL: S-250-36

AC input:100-240Vac 50Hz/60Hz

Output: 36Vdc 250W

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection

Dimension:198*110*51 mm

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15vdc power adapter

15vdc power adapter Product Name: 15vdc power adapter
Product ID: LJ-D150048C
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: Input: AC 90-264V 47/63HZ
Output: 15V DC, 3.2A
Optional IEC320-C6 or IEC320-C8 Inlet

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