500w power inverter

500w power inverter 500w power inverter

Converts 12V DC Power to 110V or 220V AC Power

Rated Output Power: 500W

USB Output: 5Vdc 1A

Overload and Short-circuit Protection

Voltage Protection: Low-voltage 10-11V over voltage 15-16V

Modified Sine Wave power inverter

500w power inverter


Input Voltage: DC 12V (11-14V) or DC 24V (21-27V) 40A max

Rated Output Power: 500W

Peak Output Power: 1000W

Overload Protection: >600W

Output Voltage: AC 110V/220V ±5% (Option)

Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz (±4Hz) (Option)

Transfer Efficiency: ≥90%

USB Output: 5Vdc 1A

Dimension: 172*89*49mm

Over Heat Protection: 60℃ (± 5℃)

Designed as a portable power inverter with high performance to power up multiple loads and major household appliances.

power inverter travel companion

Total Performance

Precision designed, It’s safe too with no voltage changes even when the load does. Built-in safeguards include over voltage shutdown (DCV15-16V) and low voltage shutdown (DC10V-11V) to protect your devices. A whisper-quiet fan on the underside also prolongs longevity and delivers sustained performance for total safety under load.

Ultimate Versatility

It can be used for camping, outdoors, vacations, road trips, and even charging household items. USB ports effortlessly charge devices (including any smart phones and tablets) at once while the outlets can power a wide range of power-hungry items on the road. For maximum utility, stay in charge at all times and add this to your travel emergency kit.

Optimal Use and Precautions :

• Please use battery clips when using inverter on device over 200W.

• Please do not leave the power inverter in the ON position while your car is off.

• If the rated input of any connected AC devices exceed 200W, please use battery clamps to directly connect to your vehicle’s battery as most vehicles 12V ports are rated and fused for 200W.

• Avoid placing the inverter into sunlight directly or next to heat-sensitive materials to protect inverter from getting too warm.

• Please understand device wattage usage Caution! Do not use high power electric devices such as hair dryers, electric heaters, curling irons, etc.

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