5V 10A power adapter

5V 10A power adapter Product Name: 5V 10A power adapter
Product ID: LJ-0501000P
Product Introduce: Input: AC 90-264V 47/63HZ
Output: 5VDC 10A
Protection: OCP OVP SCP
Low output ripple and noise


5V 10A power adapter


Constant Voltage,Super Mini Size and Easy Portable,Desktop IEC320/2 or 3 pin Inlet.


Input voltage: AC 100V~240V,50/60Hz

Range Voltage: AC 90V~264V,47/63Hz

Output Power: 50W

output Rated Voltage: 5VDC

output Current: 0-10A

Output voltage Ripple and Noise: 0.1uF Ceramic Cap.and 50 V 10uF Aluminum Cap.Paralleled between the end of output cable,BW=20MHz <100mVp-p

Over Current Protection: When an internal fault occur,or an external fault is applied to the adapter,such that an overload or short circuit is applied to the output, the adapter shall shut down,It will enter into normal condition if the fault condition is removed.

Over Voltage Protection: The adapter will enter into shut down that means no output while over voltage happened at output terminal that caused by internal fault, the output trip voltage shall not exceed 36volts with a maximum duration of 250 milliseconds.That will bi return to normal until adapter restart.

Short Protection: Auto Recovery

Load Regulation:±5%


Operating Temperature:0 ~ 40℃

Operating Relative Humidity:5 ~ 95%RH

Storage Temperature: -20~85℃

Withstanding Voltage: AC3000V/Min(between Input& Output) 5mA

Insulation Resistance: DC 500V 100MΩ(between Input & Output)

Efficiency: 85% MIN


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Here is 5V 10A power suply.

5V 10A power supply

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