5V 2A power adapter

5V 2A power adapter 5V 2A power adapter

MODEL: FTO-0502000P

AC input 100-240VAC

Output: 5VDC 2A

Over-voltage, over-current short-circuit protection

Output low ripple and noise

5V 2A power supply

• Input voltage: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz

• Output voltage: 5VDC

• Max output current: 2A

• Max output power: 10W

• Inrush current:shall be less than the rating of adapter critical component (including rectifiers, fuse surge and current limiting device).

• No Load Power Consumption less than 0.5W

• Output voltage Ripple and Noise:(0.1uF Ceramic Cap.and 50 V 10uF Aluminum Cap.Paralleled between the end of output cable,BW=20MHz) <100mVp-p

• Hold Up Time:at 100Vac/10W or 240Vac/10W load,output voltage shall remain regulation <200mS

• Drop:Storage: Lift this unit a height of 1 meter onto a hardwood surface one time at 6 directions.There should be no damage.

• This adapter is great for use with RGB LED pixels, or addressable LED strip, etc

Here is 5V 3A power adapter.

5V 3A power adapter

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