5W power adapter

US 5W power adapter

Product Name: 5W power adapter
Product ID: LJ-0501000P
MOQ: 100pcs
Product Introduce: Wall-mount switching power supply
Overload, short circuit protection
CE, UL, RoHS compliance
UK, EU, AU type AC plug available

5w power adapter
5W power adapter

Brand new high quality switching power supply.


Portable instruments
Digital cameras
at 25°C ambient temperature

Input Specifications:

Input voltages: 100…240 VAC
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input current: 0.25A Max.
Hold-up time, nom.conditions: 20ms@VAC
Inrush current: <=20A/240VAC

Output Specifications:

Regulation: line <2%, load <5%
Recovery time: ±2% max. 1 ms
Ripple and noise: <1% max.

General Specifications:

Operating temperature: 0°C…+40°C
Storage temperature: -20°C…+85°C
Dielectric Withstand (Hipot): 3000VAC 1min inp.<->outp.
Insulation resistance: pri. to sec. >50MOhm 500 VDC
Overcurrent protection: 120 %, auto restart
Overvoltage protection: 120 %, auto restart

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