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How to choose a suitable size of Cable & Wire

Cable is like a pipe. Charges is like the water. Current is like the water flowing rate through the pipe, Reading Detail Introduce»

How to choose Power inverter?

How to choose Power inverter? Reading Detail Introduce»

What Type of LED Driver You Need Constant Current vs Constant Voltage

Like regular diodes, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are constructed using a semiconducting material which has been “doped” with impurities in order to create a P-N (positive-negative) junction. Current flows easily from the P-side (anode) to the N-side (cathode), it’s known that LED drivers are considered constant current devices, so why do manufacturers offer constant voltage drivers for LEDs as well? How can we tell the difference between these two? Reading Detail Introduce»

Output Connectors

When purchasing power supplies, you must specify the output connectors specification. This article will for help determining what kinds of connectors you need.
Reading Detail Introduce»

how to choose correct power supply for led strip

The power supply also named as a transformer or driver, is one of the most important components of an LED system. Using the wrong type of power supply can not only damage your LED product but can also be a very dangerous fire hazard. It is also important to know your input AC Voltage and be certain that it coheres with the products requirements. Determining the right power supply is fairly simple when you follow these few steps. Reading Detail Introduce»

Linear Or Switch-mode power supplies


Linear power supplies were the mainstay of power conversion until the late 1970’s when the first commercial switched-mode power supply became available. Now switched-mode power supplies are dominant driven by market demand for miniaturization and high efficiency levels. Reading Detail Introduce»