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how to make power supplies

Today we would like to record the processing of manufacturing switch power supply in our factory. Reading Detail Introduce»

Electrical Calculation PRO APP Free Download

Mobile apps is one of the most important member in our daily life now. So we decided to spend some time searching for apps that would support our electrical engineers’ work activity. Since there are so many apps there to choose from and it is impossible to install them all on our mobile. Today we would like to introduce an electrical calculation app that may help you all. Reading Detail Introduce»

Fuses vs PTCs

Many times choosing between using a Fuse or PTC is a matter of preference, though there are important considerations and common areas of applications where the use of one may be better than the other.

For example, much of the design work for PCs, peripherals, and portable devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) urges the use of PTCs because they are self-resettable; using a fuse that must be replaced each time an overcurrent condition occurs is unacceptable.

In other cases, fuses may be more acceptable because they completely stop current in fault condition; this may be more desired if safety or avoidance of downstream circuit equipment is a premium concern. Fuses are also helpful for diagnostic purposes, aiding equipment designers and users in tracing the origin of the overcurrent faults.
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What is PTC?

POLY-FUSE devices are Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC) devices which offer a resettable overcurrent protection alternative, thereby reducing warranty, service and repair costs. Ideal for situations where frequent overcurrent conditions occur or constant uptime is required, resettable PTCs (PPTCs) are typically used in consumer electronics, power line, telecom, I/O port, process control and medical equipment protection applications.
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HP and Acer battle for the first laptop brand

Taiwan media reported that due to a challenge between HP and Acer, Notebook computer market followed into a cruel struggle this year. Several major foundries said HP’s notebook was still the most active one this year, full-year forecast shipment reach 44 million units, higher than the Acer 40 million units. As the economic recovery, major notebook PC makers have a optimistic prospect for this year.
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Smallest laptop adapter

The company has adopted a series of 200 and 250V devices in synchronous rectification 48V systems, suitable DC / DC, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverters and DC motor drives.
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Smallest laptop adapter for car and air

Many business users have to have notebook with them at all times to be able to get any work done. Those who spend lots of time in a car driving or flying around the county in an airplane know what a challenge it can be to keep the notebook charged up and ready to go.
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Smallest Universal Power Adapter Review

He was asked to remove the smaller and more flexible Universal Power Adapter, the need to carry multiple chargers (computer, phone, iPod, etc.) and are ideal for consumers who must be empowered in trains a car or flight.
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The first Chinese AC powered LED lights emerged

Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department identified an AC directly power that developed by Shaanxi Western Electric Science and Technology Institute of China Electronics Co., Ltd, And agreed that the AC powered LED lights solved international LED lamp control problem, with international advanced level, And have the condition of large-scale promotion.
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China released common criteria of mobile phone charger

Master of CTTL Ho Guili said: “The universal standard of mobile phone charger YD / T 1591-2009 has been promulgated and implemented, and has become an international standard; In addition, mobile phone headset Common Criteria have also been promulgated and implemented, And maybe become an international standard in the future, uniform standard can be achieved mobile phone headset, MP3 headset unity ”

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