China released common criteria of mobile phone charger

Master of CTTL Ho Guili said: “The universal standard of mobile phone charger YD / T 1591-2009 has been promulgated and implemented, and has become an international standard; In addition, mobile phone headset Common Criteria have also been promulgated and implemented, And maybe become an international standard in the future, uniform standard can be achieved mobile phone headset, MP3 headset unity ”

The formation of three-stage structure

In the afternoon at the “2010 Report on the Situation of China Communication Industry Development Council”, the Ho Guili disclosed this information. It is C114 learned that long ago, public letter issued by the Ministry of Communications of the 125 recommended industry standards, of which only one mobile communication terminal standard – YD / T 1591-2009 “mobile communication terminal adapter and charger / data interface technology requirements and test methods “, and revised YD / T 1591-2006 (mobile phone charger uniform standards) that released in 2006.

The so-called three-step structure is provided in the mobile phone side of cylindrical, Mini-USB, Micro-USB three kinds of interface, to achieve the same charger can be of different models of mobile phone brands charge. In addition to achieving the same chargers for different models of mobile phone brands charge, in accordance with “YD/T1591 standard” amendment, the power adapter will also expand the scope of application. Power adapter would apply not only charge but also apply to data transmission; applicable not only to mobile phones, will also apply to Bluetooth headsets, cameras, radios, razors, etc., a variety of small appliances.

In addition, “YD/T1591 standard” proposed amendments to the power adapter, Such as reliability, durability and energy-saving materials, and environmental protection requirements, in order to increase the power adapter life. January 7, letter to the Department of Public Telecommunications Research Institute CTTL on the “mobile communication terminal adapter and charger / data interface technical requirements and test methods” to conduct a special seminar. Now the standard has been promulgated and implemented, and has become the international standard.

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