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Type K Electrical Outlet (Danish Plug)

Type K Electrical Receptacle

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Information on the Type K Danish Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet

The Type K electrical plug has two round pins and a spade grounding pin. It is similar to the Type E, but has an earth pin rather than an earth hole on the pin, and an earth hole rather than earth pin on the socket.

Danish plug & socket
Bangladesh, Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland, Guinea, Madagascar, Maldives, St. Vincent, Senegal, Tunisia.

Information on The Type K Electrical Outlet

This plug, technically known as the Danish 10 A/250 V unearthed, is the Danish standard plug. The Danish Type K socket will also accept the Type C and Type F. Though Type E plugs will also fit into the socket, it should not be used for appliances that need to be earthed. A variation of the Danish plug, the standard DK 2-5a, also exists for surge-protected computer circuits. It fits into the corresponding socket and the standard Type K, but by design the standard Type K plugs do not fit into the special Type K computer socket. In the past, Danish sockets were equipped with a switch to prevent the live pins from touching when connecting or disconnecting the plug. Today, sockets without switches are allowed, but they are required to have a cavity that prevents the pins from touching. However, the shape of the plugs makes it rare that the live pins will touch. New electronic installations in Denmark are required to have grounded outlets. Older installations don’t have this requirement, but they must be protected by RCD/GFCI (HFI in Danish). Since 2008, wall outlets for Type E French plugs have been permitted in Denmark, but sockets for Type F will not.

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