ErP Directive for External Power Supplies

What is the ErP requirement?

In April, 2009 the European Commission adopted the implementing measure for external power supply products. The regulation comes into force on April 27th, 2009 and the cut-off date for the first stage’s requirement is 27th April 2010.

The Eco-design Directive for Energy-related Products establishes a framework under which manufacturers and importers of Energy-related products (ErP) will, at the design stage, be obliged to increase energy efficiency and reduce products’ negative environmental impacts. The ErP Directive itself does not include any requirements for specific products. It is the implementing measures (IMs) that provide the prescription for compliance for each product category.

The IM for external power supplies is referred to as the Commission Regulation 278/2009. After cut-off date (27th April 2010) for the first stage requirement, any product falling into the scope sold on the EU market has to meet the ErP directive by complying with this IM.
ErP Directive
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