HP and Acer battle for the first laptop brand

Taiwan media reported that due to a challenge between HP and Acer, Notebook computer market followed into a cruel struggle this year. Several major foundries said HP’s notebook was still the most active one this year, full-year forecast shipment reach 44 million units, higher than the Acer 40 million units. As the economic recovery, major notebook PC makers have a optimistic prospect for this year.

Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci said that they will take positive action this year, The goal is to beat HP to become the first brand notebook computers. In addition, Acer is also planning get the top spot in worldwide PC in 2012. This lead the two companies has become the most active laptop maker in 2009.

As competition heated up, notebook computer industry formed a confrontation between the industrial chain, HP offer half of their OEM order for Quanta. Acer and Compal are more closely related. Compal apart from offerring Aspire One OEM service , but also the ultra-thin Acer upcoming Calpella laptop. Shipments are expected to reach 10 million units.

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