iPad incurred woman

When Apple announced that their Tablet PC named iPad (pad means sanitary pad), the people’s mind flew out the scene of pharmacy counters gynecology. It now appears that there are sahares of a minority.

In Twitter, the one entitled “iTampon” (tampon means a sanitary napkin) quickly broadcast, reading: “menorrhagia? IPad help you !.” A host of CNBCT News said that the name of iPad made her think of women’s cosmetics.


From a technology public relations firm of Brooke Hammerling, said: “Is Apple responsible for market planning are all men? Every woman I visit think that this name sounds uncomfortable. It seems that Apple didn’t do a good job on picked the name of their new product. ”

Not only women be astonished, Peter Shankman who work in the media also astonished when he saw the name on television, he said: “I hope the second generation can increase the protection of iPad .”

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