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Information on the Type L Italian 3-pin Electrical Adapter Plug and Electrical Outlet

The Type L electrical plug has two round pins and a round grounding pin in a line. The live and neutral contacts may be inserted in either direction.

Italian plug & Socket
Chile, Cuba, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Italy, Libya, Maldives, Syria, Tunisia, Uruguay.

Information on The Type L Electrical Outlet

The technical name for the Type L is the Italian earthed plug/socket standard, CEI 23-16/VII. There are two models rated at 10 A and 16 A, differing in contact diameter and spacing. Older installations often have sockets that are limited to either the 10 A or 16 A, requiring the use of an adapter should the plug and adapter styles differ. The 10 A extends CEE 7/16 by adding a central earthing pin, so CEI 23-16-VII sockets can accept Europlugs. The 16 A style’s pins are a little further apart, and the pins are thicker. The 16 A is sometimes referred to as the North European or industriale type, although these descriptions are not accurate. While it is possible to fit Type D and Type E plugs in Type L sockets, it may cause damage to the socket, and the plug may get stuck. There are two other types of Type L sockets commonly used in Italy. The first is smaller, with a central round hole and two 8-shaped holes above and below. This design accepts both styles of Type L plugs, as well as the Type C Europlug. The second socket look like a Type F, but with a central grounding hole. It accepts Type E, Type F, Type C, and Type L 10 A plugs, but is also twice the size as a normal Type L socket. Sometimes these sockets will also have extra holes to accept Type L 16 A plugs.

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