Maxim release dc-dc battery charger

The MAX8900_ is a high-frequency, switching-mode battery charger for an one-cell lithium ion (Li+) or lithium polymer (Li-Poly) battery. It bring up to 1.2A of current to the battery from 3.4V to 6.3V (MAX8900A) or 3.4V to 8.7V (MAX8900B). The 3.25MHz switch-mode battery charger is ideally fit to slim portable devices such as headsets and ultra-portable media players as it has minimum component and heat.

Several characteristics make the MAX8900 perfect for high-reliability systems. The MAX8900 is protected against input voltages as high as +22V and as low as -22V. Battery protection features include low voltage prequalification, charge fault timer, die temperature monitoring, and battery temperature monitoring. The battery temperature monitoring adjusts the charge current and termination voltage as described in the JEITA specification for safe use of secondary lithium-ion batteries.

Charge parameters are easily changeable with outside components. An external electrical resistance sets the charge current from 50mA to 1200mA. Another external resistor adjusts the prequalification and done current thresholds from 10mA to 200mA. The done current threshold is very accurate achieving ±1mA at the 10mA level. The charge timer is adjustable with an external capacitor.

The MAX8900 dc-dc battery charger is available in a 0.4mm pitch 2.44mm x 2.67mm x 0.64mm WLP package.

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