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The company has adopted a series of 200 and 250V devices in synchronous rectification 48V systems, suitable DC / DC, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverters and DC motor drives.

Supposedly, the lower value of the attribute value compared to other devices, OptiMOS 200V and 250V equipment from any loss of service projects in the system by half.

Engineers have developed so far with a 48V diode turn-based phase correction SMPS is now an alternative that allows the entire performance over 95 percent.

OptiMOS 200V and 250V devices are in R DS (on) (for resistance) 50 percent lower than alternative devices, resulting in lower consumption of energy possible in high current applications.

The lower cargo door to help low-loss and rapid change of applications in switching power supply, such as isolated DC / DC converter for telecom applications.

The provisions that allow the devices also reduces the ability to use smaller heat sink, due to the relatively low resistance and a fast and low complexity of the design process to optimize behavior change.

The Optima 200 and 250V range allows the use of a package of minutes SuperSO8 (5 x 6 x 1 mm) for applications that previously required SMD devices (9 x 10 x 4.5 mm).

MDS Skip to reduce electricity SuperSO8 space requirements by more than 90 percent and provides greater electrical power systems.

The product range includes items from A-220, A-262 and SMD packages SuperSO8 R DS (on)-class 10.7, 20, 32 and 60mohm.

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