Smallest Universal Power Adapter Review

He was asked to remove the smaller and more flexible Universal Power Adapter, the need to carry multiple chargers (computer, phone, iPod, etc.) and are ideal for consumers who must be empowered in trains a car or flight.

Although the ideal for people who travel a lot, that we use in our home, because with three children and two adults have so much collateral is crazy! This little device will go all day at my house and I do not know how I lived there before.
Smallest Universal Power Adapter

Whether you need a trip around the world or to visit a client through the city, Innergies winning, all-in-one mCube90 Universal Power Adapter packs all the power you need for your laptop and USB devices to keep more than tic-tac C, while you work, sleep to fly or drive.

This Smallest Universal Power Adapter means you always have the power, where you are when you need it. (No packaging or forget to pack), a separate adapter for each of consumer electronics you need to make your life force.

Thats because the power can mCube90 both a laptop (up to 17 inches), plus an additional 5 Volt devices USB, based on a combined operation of 65 Watt of continuous power (input AC) or 70 W (dc input) a maximum of 90 watt. The mCube90 is compatible with most laptops and netbooks and may take up to a mobile phone, Blackberry, iPod, iPhone, multimedia players, Amazon Kindle 2, and other devices USB.

Another advantage is the ability of the entire device to a wall outlet to power or charge up the laptop, netbook or USB connectors gadget. Then, when it’s time to fly or drive to your next destination, just outside the tiny mCube90 Auto / Air Power Adapter for universal access to a car, train or plane.

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