The first Chinese AC powered LED lights emerged

Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department identified an AC directly power that developed by Shaanxi Western Electric Science and Technology Institute of China Electronics Co., Ltd, And agreed that the AC powered LED lights solved international LED lamp control problem, with international advanced level, And have the condition of large-scale promotion.

The traditional LED lights are light-emitting efficiency, energy-saving effect of significant, long life, no pollution, vibration, etc., but mostly driven by DC power supply, that is within the lighting installation. Actually, the constant-current driver power have shorter life-span, low efficiency, high cost.

Shanxi Science and Technology Institute of China developed AC power directly to power LED lighting is based on solving above problems. The product apllied the LED in series connection and sub-control methods, so that power factor, electromagnetic compatibility, reached the international standards, a good solution for driving the semiconductor lighting of the lamp power efficiency, lifetime, cost and large-scale promotion.

Test report show that the product life is synchronized with the LED light driver source, at same time, the drive circuit conversion efficiency is 95%, higher than the current led driver about 85% of the conversion efficiency; and low cost, since the drive power without transformers and other devices, making the drive power cost cheap than the switching power supply .

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