WiFi charger appeared in the CES2010

Smartphone fans are always suspected the capacity of their mobile phone battery life, So backup battery were always carried when they go outside. There are some vendors have introduced the use of solar energy technologies such as portable power supply. Recently, A new type of charger called the Airnergy Charger appeared in the CES2010, The magic is the WiFi signal can be used to recharge the battery.

WiFi charger

Although the power of wireless router’ is not very high, the WiFi signal radiation emitted energy is also limited, The conversion efficiency of the WiFi charger will be high enough to carry the energy from a weak radio signal into electrical energy. This charger charging 30% of electricity for a Blackberry mobile phone battery in 90 minutes on the CES show

There is a built-in battery in the charger, the user can carry the product. Battery will be able charged as long as there is WiFi signal areas, Compared with the solar charging technology, Airnergy Charger will not impacted by the weather anymore. The manufacturer RCA said they would launch a 40 U.S. dollars USB charger this summer.

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